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Opening a Dog Day Care

A dog day care is a facility that provides daytime care for dogs. It differs from multi-day kennel boarding and pet sitting, where you bring your dog to a pet sitter’s home. These centers share many of the same traits as a child’s regular daycare, only they’re exclusively for canines.

If you are looking to open your own dog boarding las vegas,nv, focus on offering basic daycare services to get a foothold in the local community. You can also expand your business to offer other services to build a brand name and create customer loyalty. For example, if your pet-loving customers love social gatherings, offer to hold them at your facility. Perhaps you could offer complete dog birthday party planning.

You should make sure that your chosen dog daycare facility complies with local laws and regulations. Be sure to research employment law, workers’ compensation insurance, payroll, and taxes. You also should check with local governing bodies for any special permits. Depending on your city, some cities may require different permits for daycares and overnight facilities.

A dog daycare business is similar to a child daycare, with the main difference that the facility sets up a curriculum based on the needs of the dog. A doggie daycare will have indoor and outdoor playtime, potty breaks, and other activities that help keep your dog happy. Whether your dog is very active or very shy, a daycare facility can teach him or her good manners.

Some dog day care services offer personalized playdates. Guests receive a digital photo keepsake and a complimentary Snack KONG or Doggie Ice Cream Sundae. If your pet has separation anxiety, this can be a helpful way to ease their transition. Some dog day cares even provide you with additional photos of the same day.

When opening your dog daycare, you should also look for staff members who are trained in basic first aid and have experience working with dogs. These employees should be able to identify any negative behaviors and alert their owners. If they don’t follow these rules, they might become a victim of negligence or misconduct. In this case, your business might not be able to get the clients it needs.

Dog day care facilities need to provide a clean, comfortable, and caring environment for your pet. Try to take your dog to a few different daycare facilities before settling on a final decision. It’s worth visiting the daycare facilities in person and talking with their owners. Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose a dog daycare facility that meets your dog’s needs.

While you may think that a dog daycare is a small business, a business needs to be registered with the state government. If you have questions, you can consult a lawyer to review the laws and regulations of your state. You also need to look into local health and safety regulations, as each state has different requirements. In addition to these, you should purchase dog daycare business insurance to protect yourself and your business against any liability that may occur.

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