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Easy Easter Egg Decorations

There are many ways to decorate your Easter eggs. You can use a Sharpie marker to dab tiny dots on the eggshell. Make sure to leave the colors to dry before peeling. Or you can make your egg look like a masterpiece by decorating it with Tie-dye or speckled eggs.
Speckled eggs

Speckled Easter egg decorations are a charming way to add a delicate touch to your home decor. They come in a variety of pastel colors including green, blue, and white. Each speckled egg is two inches tall and has a silver hook on the back so you can hang them from trees, twigs, or foliage.

Paint eggs using brown or green paint, or you can use acrylic gold paint to create permanent speckles. This technique adds just the right amount of gold and lets the natural colors of the eggs shine through. Using a retired toothbrush, you can create a large splatter of paint by dipping it into the paint and moving your thumb backward through the bristles.

Tie-dye eggs

Tie-dye eggs are a traditional easter egg coloring, and they are very easy to make. First, you need to prepare some water with vinegar, then boil some egg-dye ingredients (vinegar, salt, or lemon juice), and then pour the mixture over the paper towels. Let them sit for a minute. Then, remove the eggs from the water and place them on a drying rack to dry.

You can use different colors of food coloring to create a tie-dye effect on Easter eggs. You can also use coffee filters or shaving cream to make the dyed eggs more unique. To experiment with different colors, you can also add tiny paper cut-outs or puffy paint dots. Once the eggs have been dyed, you can add other decorations to complete the look.
Discarded sprinkles

If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate Easter eggs, you can recycle your leftover Easter sprinkles. Using a large bowl, you can decorate multiple eggs at once. To avoid wasting sprinkles, be sure to rinse them thoroughly. Also, remember that Easter eggs are not meant to be eaten – they’re meant for decoration only! Glue makes sprinkles inedible, and you won’t want to eat the excess.

If you’re going to use sprinkles for Easter egg decorations, you should use small, round sprinkles instead of squares. They’re more likely to coat the egg evenly. You can also use a combination of sprinkles and nonpareils.
Washi tape

One of the easiest ways to decorate Easter eggs is to use washi tape. The tape is versatile and is easy to cut into any shape you want. Once the tape is dry, simply cut out the shapes you’ve created and fill them with watercolours. Washi tape is also an excellent choice for making greeting cards.

Washi tape is available in different patterns and colors. Choosing a color that complements the egg will make it look more festive. Organize the tape by color group for an attractive display. You can even create three different tapes from the same color group. The best part of using washi tape to decorate Easter eggs is that it is very forgiving.
Letter stickers

You can use letter stickers to decorate your Easter eggs. These decals come in bright colors such as pink and violet, making them ideal for this holiday. You can also use stickers to make personalised name eggs. You can use anything that you can think of to make the eggs look festive. In fact, you can even use these stickers to make a funny gentleman’s egg! Just remember to place the egg decorations in a bright light so they will show up in the right light!

The idea of using letter stickers as decorations is a fun twist on traditional egg decorating. It’s a simple and creative way to decorate eggs. You can use a single letter or multiple letter stickers. Before applying the stickers, make sure they’re completely smoothed down, or paint underneath will seep through. If you don’t want to use letter stickers, you can use washi tape instead.
Chalk-tinted Epsom salt

Epsom salt is a versatile craft supply, and it’s great for decorating Easter eggs. Instead of using colored eggs, you can use plain white eggs and tint them with colored salt. Be sure to coat the entire egg with the salt, and don’t rinse it off. The color will fade if you rinse it off. You can also redye the eggs if you want a richer color.

You can also use chalk-tinted Epsom salt to add sparkle to plastic Easter eggs. These salt crystals mimic the effect of delicate pastel glitter. They are perfect for Easter egg decorations, and they’re very easy to make. To make your decorations more unique, you can also use temporary tattoo paper to transfer seasonal messages. The paper even comes with a template, which you can use to transfer the phrases onto your eggs.

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