What Is a Roll Agent?

A Roll agent is a professional who acts for a client during a Parliamentary “롤대리 ” application. During this process, the agent is responsible for ensuring that the client’s current policy is migrated to the new one. The roll process can be tedious and time-consuming, and some carriers require that each client be moved individually. During the process, agents need to be patient and explain the advantages of the new policy to their clients. Any mistakes in the process can cost a client their business.

Benefits of Rolling Your Book of Business to a New Carrier

If you’re considering joining an insurance agency, you may have an opportunity to roll your book of business to a new carrier. Maybe you’ve purchased the book of another agent. Or perhaps you’ve joined a cluster group. Regardless of the reason, Book Roll provides a secure, accurate, and timely way to request and analyze policy data. You can also use Book Roll to gain access to valuable business intelligence. Here are some benefits of rolling your book of business to a new carrier.

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