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Best prices for private detectives. Arga Group

Let ‘s say that the situation consists of gathering evidence of marital infidelity and the objective to control and persecute is a man who works as a secretary in an office with rigid hours; and this customer also explained that this thread only happens late on Friday.        

In this context, it may be that, with just a few hours of supervision, the interviewer responds to the client ‘s concerns , in which case, for cost purposes, the minimum rate set by Grupo Arga at 350 euros per 5 hours will be applied . Labor.

Prices for fees of the best private detectives in Madrid Grupo Arga

A client can find out the fees of a private investigator , simply stating their objectives with the investigation and exploring them on the Grupo Arga Detectives blog depending on the level of difficulty of the investigation of the case and the expected rate of hours needed to investigate this, since that the value of each hour is 70 euros, the value is determined according to the parameters of the Spanish Association of Private Investigation Professionals .

In other cases , it is necessary to request a more precise budget directly from the private detective in Madrid , in which case this accredited private detective agency will always prepare the budget as tight as possible, feasible to meet the costs. attention and planning without fear of spending more, a much higher guarantee of the excellent service provided.

How much does a private detective cost in Madrid ?

Grupo Arga’s services in Madrid are validated within the law and its knowledge is made public so that any person or organization can discover it at any time through the website or by contacting the private detective agency specific to your case.

Detective Grupo Arga ‘s services include personal, commercial and legal investigations. Their detectives are well known for investigating unfaithful marriages, controversial divorce matters , identifying foreclosures, time off work, criminal and family background checks , background checks, exit fraud, leaves of absence, trial evidence.

In all cases, the budget will always be fair, since it is the policy of the private detective agency to carry out the work as efficiently as possible and this is achieved with the participation of professional detectives who are experts in the field of each one. research and dedicated use of technological elements and materials to achieve probable results in a minimum time .

Quality of the detective service in Madrid

Private detective services do not have a fixed price, since each individual investigation is different and takes place at different times and occasions. However, there are certain costs that we can highlight for you so that you will have an idea of the underlying merits of a private investigation.

• Each hour of monitoring has an average value of 70 euros.

• Night watch hours increased by 50µl from the initial value .

• Each written report has a value of 1000 euros.

The budget will be made by a private investigator who will assist the client when contacting him. This estimate is completely free and without any commitment for the client and for the private agency in Madrid, the client will have to contact the company by calling 91386629, which is the number of the private agency in Madrid.

Going to the agent, a private investigator will assist you and record the inconvenience that the client presents , depending on the inconvenience , the requested services will be assigned to be treated and the value that will be rendered for each requested service and the time it takes to arrive.

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